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The best way to create automatic social media sharing by app's data


As there is data of the app, e.g. user photo, full name, type of user, bio, linkedin link, etc

What would be the best way to structure from that data a “social media post”, and in the best case make the automation to schedule or at least post across few main or several social medias?

(Have seen few solution over the bubble forum, one with API Conector, bunch of issues there to arrive at not yet “solved” concept, whereas the best way it seems to download a ayrshare plugin which does that exactly, even though I am sceptical as there are no reviews, and it seems ayrshare is also within the “startup” phase as all of are, so not being sure if the plugin actually work, although have tried free plan, it seems it works.

Does anyone has any experience either with Ayrshare or perhaps some other solution - to structure, schedule and share social media posts via bubble and by “bubble” data.

Thanks! /Toni