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The checkbox is ugly

Well, the topic kind of summarises it. I sometimes need to use the checkboxes on the sites, but here I have the issue of them being butt-ugly and looking like in windows ME back in the day. Is there anything planned to enhance the aesthetic experience from them?


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Why don’t you use the Ionic Plugin? Plenty of fancier ones there.

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Oh. I’ll check it immediately :slight_smile: Haven’t had time to delve that deeply into all your treasures :slightly_smiling:
I’ve been busy being amazed at the simplicity and power of bubble… Ahem.
Can’t wait for responsiveness but even without it (and pulling some tricks on the editor) it creates some amazing results really easily…

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why import all the Ionic stuff though for a checkbox? couldn’t the default checkbox be a bit more stylable? (like make it bigger or something). Or does CSS doesn’t support styling it at all? (I’d expect at least to be able to make it bigger via some transform if there’s no other way)

Dropdown is ugly too, waiting for the new ones. And I can’t get the dropdown to look like the theme’s page, indeed they all look the same, with a gradient fill

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In the meantime, you can design your own dropdown with a input element and a repeating group.

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Sorry, I don’t get it. I read something about in the forum, but I couldn’t figure it out - if you could send a link of a example or explanation please.
And the menu has almost 40 options…

very basic version

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You can customize the drop down quite a lot, playing with the background color, etc.

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Thanks. So get a repeating group, make a text item on it. I have to have the options pre made and load in a search.
I still don’t get how to act to click dynamically, but as a beginner I just think it’s easier to wait for a new UI dropdown, so I can save time.

While I was in the project, a second user’s mouse pointer (with a little yellow box with its email) was moving around on screen while I was there too. Cool!


Spooky :jack_o_lantern:

@NicolasDap has made a really great looking check box from a circle. Will see if I can find it, it is on the forum app.

here was for presenting an issue :

In many pages of my app I removed the defaut checkbox becuse I had some trubles with it.
And only use Icons with conditional formatting, since I found it more reliable.

Why ? Icon formatting changes are still linked to database data.
Checkbox initial statut is related to the dynamic field defined but once clicked it not related anymore. which can bring some misunderstood

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btw, the Ionic Toggle looks like something you can drag to toggle, but only supports click. Not very intuitive, may think the control is locked/disabled