The data on the Edit profile page doesn't show

To learn with Bubble, I created a clone twitter.
I created an edit profile page.

I created the data base and the workflow to upload the picture, the Username and the Bio on the database and it works.
When I am clicking on the “SAVE” button on the Edit profile page, it is coming back to the Feed Page.

BUT when I clicked on the “Edit Profile” button", I don"t see anymore the picture, the username and the Bio. I know it works and it saves but I want to that the user see their information.

How could I do it ?
Belelow the different screenshot.
Thank you

Capture 11.09 Edit profile page
Capture 11.09 Edit profile page_ Window parameter on design mode for picture

Did you already check your privacy rules to see if they’re setup to allow the data to show?

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You can see below the screenshot of the privacy rules for User and Dummyuser.

Thank you

What type of data is datatype ‘DummyUser’? I noticed your workflow is editing DummyUser, but your page is displaying data from type User.

It is. Clone Twitter but it is possible to have several profiles for the users. Users is an account and dummyuser is the profiles. The clone Twitter is specific.

I found the solution, thank you

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