The dynamic sort field yes is not recognized as a field on the type Song

I had a repeating group that was working a couple days ago and all of the sudden I’m getting an error of “The dynamic sort field yes is not recognized as a field on the type Song” when trying to display the group now.

I haven’t made any changes to the live site regarding this repeating group. Why is the error happening now?

Here’s how the group is setup:

Dynamic sort field
If you want the search to be sorted according to a field chosen by the user, define an expression to define which field the search should use.

So what it is doing is looking for a field called “Blues” (or whatever it finds in Genre) and tries to sort on that, fails to find it, and doesn’t sort. So it probably wasn’t working before :slight_smile:

We just added the message to help users build their apps. Before it was just not sorting, without providing good feedback.

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It may not have been sorting, but it was at least displaying the text.

:frowning: I robably have a few of these kicking about.

That’s my worry. There could now be a bunch of sites that have broken repeating groups because they thought their sorts were working because the data was showing in the repeating group. I now have to update several pages on my site.

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