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The [email protected]#$ is CAD/MDT?!

Problem: many of my searches on this forum return “requesting free CAD/MDT…” bullsh*t.

Who else is having this problem?

I’ve spoken to the bubble support about it and they won’t acknowledge it as an issue.

Hey there @devin.fraze,

The #cad-mdt has been muted by the Bubble Team so it doesn’t disrupt forum users unless you unmute it or participate in a thread.

It has a lot to do with young teens being immature which is why you might’ve seen some more toxic conversations.

Thank you for the reply @johnny ,
Fortunately it’s not notifying me. But that wasn’t my issue.

To restate my issue: I see a flood of those threads when searching on the forum, especially when searching for anything discord related.

Question: If these free cadmdt things are just a bunch of rowdy teens, why is bubble allowing this community to hijack it’s forum? Heck, why are they flooding the forum regardless of who they are? How does bubble help cadmdt’s?

I sincerely am not able to google search and figure out what cads are, how they are used, and how they relate to bubble.


I don’t understand 100% English, but what does CAD/MDT means in simple words?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

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So from my understanding, CAD/MDTs don’t refer to Computer-Aided Design but this gaming terminology of Computer Aided Dispatch/Mobile Data Terminal (Got info from here) it’s something to gaming.

They don’t exactly deny service to people unless it’s a violation to their Terms of Service or some unique case. I guess you can see it as hijacking, but :man_shrugging:, at least Bubble created another category for all of that. It use to flood the main categories.

Typically these “companies” or whatnot do business via Discord which I truly believe is sketch lol. But are you looking for something API related? You might want to consider using the filters within searching that filters out the CAD/MDT/Roleplay category.

I also know that the CAD/MDT/Roleplay category isn’t moderated much by both the Bubble Team and Moderation Team because it just a lot of crap they have to go through. Maybe Bubble should find moderators and set guidelines to that category?

@eve @emmanuel is there something you might want to add from the Bubble perspective? Is it possible to get moderators just for that category and set some rules? I’d be down to help with moderation in there if that’s an option.

tldr; Bubble can’t just get rid of them I guess as a ton of users is probably from this group of people.

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Sure, I also found that on Google. But what is that? If you don’t know, no need to comment. But someone who can explain, it would be appreciated.

Additionally, people who use your resources but don’t contribute are usually considered parasites. Unless Bubble is actually making money off these CAD people, reducing their usage and impact of these forums would be advantageous to keeping their actual customers happy.

From my understanding it’s something used in Law Enforcement and in the First Responder Area. I think the Computer Aided Dispatch is something a Dispatcher uses? and a Mobile Data Terminal is something a Law Enforcement officer uses?

Nothing much Bubble can do I think. It’s either:

  1. Delete the #cad-mdt category and let it flood into other categories or…
  2. Waste time trying to remove individuals from the forum

Don’t think there’s a real good solution here, but the best is to keep the category the way it is so- muted and whatnot compared to it disturbing uses of other categories.

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cad-mdt seems to be related to roleplaying, not law enforcement.

The point of deleting the cad-mdt posts is so that it doesn’t keep growing. It seems there are something like ~2,000 posts, which is more than most other categories. If bubble continues to allow this then it will only become a more and more popular destination for these people.

Yes there may be some initial work required to prune new ones that popup, but if Bubble made it clear that this forum wasn’t a place for cad-mdt post then those people would eventually give up and go find a more appropriate place to do their odd one off sketchy transactional posts.

Bubble Admins, give me forum permissions and I will personally log on at least once a day to delete any cad-mdt posts for the next two months. I’ll do it for free.

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Ah. Make sense.

I believe Bubble doesn’t generally delete any posts, they do close some but don’t think they delete them.

I am curious to see what Bubble’s approach might be with this.

Great, thanks :grinning: :computer:

Are there any actual CAD/MDT implementations running on Bubble or is it just self promotion ?

I believe there are a few that are actually legally registered, but most are “ran” by nine, ten, eleven year olds is what I’ve seen…

Im reading this post and still do not undertand what is going on

Is it a bunch of kids that took a forum (bubble´s) to discuss role playing ?

The haven’t taken over the forum for roleplaying, they are trying to create apps for roleplaying with CAD/MDT, think of it as a very specialized chat. I have a hunch that these kind of apps are a significant factor in why the free plan is now limited to a small amount of data.


It looks to be kids and adults looking to play some sort of playing game (which suspiciously is nearly impossible to find information on). And for some reason there is a benefit for them to endlessly post on this forum in what appears to be spam.

@StarrK_Designs I would guess you are correct about there abuse of the free tier playing a role in why it’s limited.

As far as I understood when googling, CAD/MDT software is useful for players who want to roleplay some kind of law enforcement / emergency response service on their game. I imagine some players take the role of operators while others are the boots on the ground.
I knew role-playing private servers where taking off as of late (some Youtubers have built massive audiences around it), but I didn’t realize even a specific subcategory such as law enforcement role playing would be so big as to flood the forums here. And yes, we’re all old.

The most common game I’ve seen associated with this is GTA online, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other known titles allow for that kind of play. Once you’ve made the CAD into a web app it doesn’t matter where you’re playing, especially if you’ve managed to plug that into Discord servers.

Are many of these ‘businesses’ trying to abuse both their users’ wallets and Bubble’s plans ? Almost certainly. They are aimed at passionate kid players after all, a known source of cash, and they’re often run by such kids who are yet to get a grasp on business ethics.

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Are those CAD/MDT built on Bubble? What can we learn from them?

Are those CAD/MDT built on Bubble?

Many of them must be, or we wouldn’t be seeing that influx in the forum.