The Friendzone App

Hi Bubblers :smiley:

The Friendzone

This is the first time I’m ever showcasing anything; please give me as much feedback as possible!

It’s an app that aims to help people find & make new friends by matching them based on the things they both like and dislike. This includes things like memes, cuisines, movies, activities, music & public figures. Once you’ve Liked/Disliked enough items, go through to ‘Matches’ to see if you’ve matched with anyone.

You can filter your Matches by match strength (a higher number means you have more in common), Gender, Age and Location. Then you can chat to people and if you like them and want to continue the conversation, you can send them your other contact details and social media account details.

Please let me know what you think!

Thanks so much! :smiley:

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You know this name is a very popular negative connotation


Very cool concept! I see where you’re going with this.

Saying this with love and only because I struggle in the same area…please don’t hate me, it’s only my opinion, you asked…
:point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3:Enough disclaimers?

I would take a harder look at the design, there are some great people here who can help you. I just decided I suck at it and hire someone once my app is ready. I don’t know his user name otherwise I’d tag him, but Tim Berry is fast, good and affordable!

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I do indeed :slight_smile: Hoping to run with it and change that haha

Thanks for your reply and honesty!

It’s definitely a big area of concern; I know I’m no UI designer, just wanted to get the ‘ugly and early’ MVP version out to see if people like the actual concept.

Tim sounds like someone I need to chat to; so he is familiar with Bubble and redesigns UIs? Can you send me a PM with his email address/other contact details?

Thanks again!

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You can check my contributor profile. I’m happy to help with a redesign. Great concept.