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The great Wrapper debate!

Hello, fellow bubblers! Being a part of a no-code venture studio, we have built dozens of apps using in the last few years.
We have had to rely on wrappers available in the market to convert our web apps into native Android and iOS apps. These external solutions are great for one-time use. Still, it is not possible to build in additional features yourself and customer support is non-existent given most wrappers are built by solopreneurs. Thus, we built our own wrapper on top of jasonelle with the native functionalities that are important to us. This way, we got full control of our wrapper to make required changes whenever we wanted. We are now uploading our code to GitHub so everyone can access the code and add functionalities according to their app needs.
In Free Wrap we built the following native features:

  • Open Whatsapp Chat
  • Fetch GPS Location
  • Share Text
  • Share Image
  • Get Contacts
  • OneSignal SDK
  • Device Orientation
  • Open web links in-app
  • Change the notification bar color

Moreover, you also have the following capabilities:

  • Select pictures from the gallery
  • Audio Recorder
  • File Uploader
  • Alert
  • Banner
  • Take a photo from Camera
  • Scan QR/Barcode

We launched Free Wrap on Product Hunt and GitHub. Do check it out!


Thank you for posting this! Do you know if any similar solutions for iOS exist? Currently trying to get user contacts on an iOS-wrapped Bubble app