The Issue Checker is Simply Lame

Who needs that, exactly? All it does is report data type mismatches (and deleted data types… same thing). IHS* changing that to be a serving suggestion, rather than a limiter on what you can push live.

*IHS = I’d Humbly Suggest

(Just kidding: I didn’t suggest that humbly. But I did suggest it.

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of cases [and a new one just now] where Bubble works fine with data type mis-matches [because, JavaScript] but the issue checker is all up my butt. Basically, it’s all a hangover from the whole “strongly typed language” thing that Bubble enforces (but Bubble’s no TypeScript, amirite?).

So stupid that plugin field values must declare a type. So stupid that output fields must type-match. There’s nothing under the hood that requires us to limit the data type of output fields in plugins. I DEMAND POLYMORPHIC OUTPUT FIELDS. Thanks.)


Hi Keith,

I’m not sure if someone adressed this before but I have to say this. Calm down, take a breath and relax.

I demand that from you!


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