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The most installed Bubble templates of 2022

I’ve been interested in the bubble marketplace for a few years now and did an annual review of template installs/purchases in 2021 and 2020.

Time for the 2022 edition!

First of all, some general stats on the template marketplace for 2022:

  • There were a total of 145,020 templates installd in 2022 vs. 84,791 in 2021 (a +71% increase)
  • There were 1,035 templates listed on the marketplace at the end of 2022, up from 712 last year
  • Template installs continue to be dominated by a small minority, with the top 10 templates (0.97% of total) accounting for 37.5% of all installs during the year

Here are the most installed Bubble templates of 2022:

  1. Canvas Base Template by @AirDev - 15,022 installs
  2. Ez Dashboard by @eazycode - 10,729 installs
  3. Tasky - Project Management by @ZeroqodeSupport - 6,095 installs
  4. Ez Marketplace - Shop V2.0 by @eazycode - 5,061 installs
  5. Ez Mobile App Design V2.0 by @eazycode - 4,398 installs
  6. Roleplay CAD/MDT by @afterthoughtsystem - 3,424 installs
  7. Startup Landing Page by @gf_wolfer - 3,029 installs
  8. Travel Marketplace like Airbnb by @nalfe - 2,626 installs
  9. Professional Social Network by @nalfe - 2,044 installs
  10. Responsive Webapp (flexbox) by @jochen_ade - 1,945 installs

As might be expected, all of top 10 templates by total installs during the year were free templates.

If we look at paid templates only, the following were the most installed templates of 2022:

  1. App Demo by @MindForApps - 377 installs
  2. Societal Labs - Like Facebook by @Hustling-Labs - 130 installs
  3. Mobile App & PWA Kit 4.0 by @d9999 - 127 installs
  4. Powerful Native & PWA Kit 7 - 104 installs
  5. Freelancing like Upwork by @ZeroqodeSupport - 91 installs
  6. Building Blocks Labs by @Hustling-Labs - 87 installs
  7. Marketplace like Amazon by @ZeroqodeSupport - 84 installs
  8. Food Delivery like Uber Eats by @ZeroqodeSupport - 76 installs
  9. Responsive Messaging 2.0 by @d9999 - 57 installs
  10. Headstart Pro - Multipurpose by @ZeroqodeSupport - 56 installs

All data can be viewed in a public google sheet here.

I am interested in acquiring ownership of paid Bubble templates and plugins. If you are a template/plugin dev interested in selling, please feel free to send me a message or email me at: [email protected] :slight_smile:


  • I got the end-of-year 2022 data on the 2nd Jan-23, so install numbers are off by a day or two.
  • The data listed above is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If you spot something that looks incorrect, please contact me and let me know.

Holy cow. Can’t believe I am still up there with @afterthoughtsystem and the CAD.

Thanks for curating this list! Super cool!

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Thanks for putting this together @alexcooney5!

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No prob @d9999 - congrats on the success of your templates!

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hate to bash, but I need to put this out there: Powerful Native & PWA Kit 7 is a complete knock-off of my template Mobile App & PWA Kit 4.0 - they even copied my CSS and JS code line by line. Here are some screenshots that compare the two:


Thanks for this report man! So interesting. Check it out @vnihoul77 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words @weswas!

I’m a big fan of your forum posts - keep them coming

@login what say you?

Cool template but it does look just like @d9999 template. You over there profiteering?


For what it’s worth, the situation @d9999 has called out has been escalated to the moderators/Bubble and the new community director for investigation.


Hi Damian

Sejr here from Copenhagen - Codelessnative is our small push to spread the word of Bubble being a great tool in Denmark as well, and base for app development.

I am surprised and sad to see your misleading message. Not only here, but also on twitter trying to sway the public - blaming me for stealing.

First off, a “100% knock off” is obviously incorrect or a lie - Please take a deeper look at the content and features of the template - You show few parts of it. Others should do the same before commenting.

By far, the template’s content is original in addition to using elements of best practice UX seen everywhere else.

Try comparing the standard context menu in our template to eg. iOS menus, you will find a resemblance on some of the UX details there. Then try comparing yours to iOS and other native apps.

Some features are INSPIRED by your template and most else added after being build for other users. Again, you only show a small portion of the templates content and features.

The features in our template are structured differently in how they work, look and the user interacts with them.

Everything except some css snippets is built ground up. The code snippets were used 1:1 but are being re-written now, despite falling under principles of de minimus and fair use.


I believe that you are primarily bashing here because our template no. of installs - despite falling short of yours, after we have put a lot more work into it adding considerably more value to bubble users (300 hours + in winter 2022). So rather destroy value and secure profit than add new and more to yours.

Also, I can see that you initially added our mobile iFrame previewer to your template in sep. 2022 after buying it (the feature and design was completely original to bubble).

Maybe your template should be removed from the marketplace for copy right infringements?

And should I go after the template currently inspired by my template?


A correction to the stats above: The first 70 installs were offered completely free to the community and the community were asked for input feedback and opinions. At this time you had acquired a copy and added he previewer to yours.


I suggest bilateral references from one to the other template, eg. “With features inspired by LINK”.

I have taken the case to the bubble team.

Hi @jared.gibb, thanks for asking for my option in this as well - Witch hunts is not the way to go.

In terms of profiteering, then about 1.200 USD in total. I suppose @d9999 has can multiply that with x20.

But we hope for innovation and better native templates for the underdeveloped bubble marketplace, ecosystem and users.

This include most features Wordpress marketplaces currently offers and will inevitable lead to competition or better; coopetition. Owning the rights to features sounds to me like monopoly.

Have a go a my forum posts and messages.


Dig deeper, scum.

Hi @alexcooney5

Good work and statistic. You can tag codelessnative using @login.

As for the disclaimer, remember that the install count does not take initial free installs into account.

The install count would probably be better off called “acquired licenses”. Or “apps currently based on” added to that. Used far goes beyond installs.

You clearly stole this and I’m going to fight you.

No I did not.

But, amongst mush else, and by far most original design, I was inspired by Damian’s work and free tutorials - and did use the code snippets.

Bubble should decide on this. Your posts have been flagged. Also, why are you a part of this?