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The most simple app in the world

I’m new to bubble… I’m just wanting an App for our church, where people type their name in a feild, then tick a box to choose the coffee they want, then press submit and the name and type of coffee will write to a csv or xlsx file



If users don’t plan to change their coffee choice over time, I would recommend just using a google form or type form survey. If it’s dynamic, this could be achieved simply with bubble.

Yes the coffee order may change over time, I assume Bubble can do it I just don’t know how?

Hey there @trevorj101,

Have you looked at the basic Bubble lessons yet? You should get started with Bubble at or

Yes, I started the basic lessons, but they don’t really explain the specifics of how the elements and actions can be applied to other uses, so I’m a little lost after I put the check boxes on and then, I have no idea how to send output to a csv file?