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The nono's of a Bubble datamodel

Do you make fields double in both things when you as appowner on database level want to select on it in both things ( Publisher House in this example for instance)?
Example ( a morbit one): you want to check if Books are sold more when the ‘Author’ is deceased. The status deceased is a field in the Thing Author ( Status Author field).
Or do you just do data analyses outside of Bubble?

One of the things that kept not falling into place in my mind is how if you make a field an ‘author’ type the actual Author was linked ( instead of just the whole table). I know get that from -> How do I link data between two Types of Things?. Again thanks Nigel.

Just for future reference. This thread from Josh has so much practical information on database performance:

Thanks! This is helpful.
I think I also read somewhere that you were working on documenting more of the database functionality and best practices within Bubble. Where will we find that when it is ready?

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