The right workflow to create a notification for a user's followers whenever that user publishes a new post?

Is it reliable to use the “do when condition is true” event to create a notification for a user’s followers whenever that user posts a new post?

The condition, for example - but not limited to - can be set up by creating a field of type number in the user’s table to record the number of posts of followed users whom a follower wants to get a notification whenever they publish a new post so that the condition is: do whenever the number of posts of followed users is greater than the number Stored in that field > Create a new notification related to the last post in the list.

Could the use of this event involve the risk of missing some notifications (for example, if two followed users publish a new post at the same moment)?
Or can this event be used as reliable but a different condition must be used?

Also if you could shed light on better practices regarding this type of notification I would appreciate it.

I have yet to create a notification system, so take my ideas with a grain of salt.

I think I would create a new Data Type called Notification with 2 fields

  • Notified User of type user
  • Post of type post

Anytime a user posts an article, it schedules an API workflow that creates a bunch of Notifications based on which users follow the publishing user.

I would strongly recommend using the bulk create API for a super quick flow.

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I have already built a somewhat complex notification system for a social media site and I have built the data base as necessary, using API workflow was the alternative in my mind but I couldn’t try it because I use the free plan, if API workflow can be confirmed that it works in this case will then it may be the correct answer .