The same size of elements in a row group


Could you please tell me how to make all elements in a ROW group have the same size? For example, if there is an odd number (in my case - 5) of elements, the bottom 2 elements occupy 50% of the line, and the top 3 elements occupy 30%, and I need them all to occupy 30%.

But here is the problem with the maximum width of 30%, because when the screen is reduced, all the blocks are placed vertically along the screen, and then the last 2 will occupy 30%, and the other 3 - 100%.

Thank you!

First is Figma layout, second is Bubble

Hi @rob13, how are you?

Something you could do is set a hard min with of px. This way, the elements will move down when the limit is hit.

You might end up with rows of 2 when screen gets smaller

Hello! Thank you very much for your reply, unfortunately it didn’t work, maybe I didn’t explain the problem well. But I solved the problem with the Conditionals

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