The story of Impuesto Correcto (YCombinator W18) building TurboTax for Latin America on Bubble

We wrote about their journey in our blog: Impuesto Correcto Tackles the Universal Pain of Filing Taxes

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Nice. Is Impuesto Correcto still running on Bubble?

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Yes, as far as I know!

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LIked the article, but wouldve loved to seen more info on how bubble is holding up to scaling, how a bubble app was perceived by peers in YC.

Still great job.


Thanks for the feedback. Will see what we can do about providing those details in the future!

@alex4 Love the post but I don´t think they´re running in Bubble right now since you check the chrome inspector and the builtwith there is no Bubble.

I´ve used when it was in Bubble and right now is faster.

Can you confirm if they´re in Bubble right now though? still Bubble. Different domain

Yes the website it´s in Bubble but not the app. Check this out:

@ryanck @steven.junio91 happy to provide an update. They did end up migrating away from Bubble after raising an investment round post YC and hiring their own engineering team in Latin America. This example can be classified under the second bullet point of the “What actually happens” section of this article.


Thanks for the explanation @vlad

That makes much more sense.

Great article by the way.