The true limitation of the most advanced nocode builder;

Apparently it is not possible to chat with logged in users to assist them and see their info. What a tragic limitation. It is impossible to pass user data to third party tracking tools.

Impossible to get help from anywhere. The simplest feature of every single modern website / app is not possible in

Actually what you’re looking for is totally possible and quite simple.

Data structure

-user (data type user)
-messages (list of data type messages)
-case open (yes/no)
Assigned to (user (will likely be an admin)

User (user)
Case (case)
Message (the message from a user)
Read (yes no)

Admin will have a chat box and a RG of SUPPORT CASES (toggle for closed/open cases)

In chatbot have a message box and send button

On send create a new message

Add message to support case list from current cell/group

Send email to user who created a case.

Flow is fairly similar for creating a case by a user.

You can use the plugin for checking if a user is active to see logged in users.


But i am not interested in creating my own chat system - when there are insanely well developed chats; such as intercom, freshchat etc.

Why would one ever bother to create your own?

How about Bubble just allows Dynamic data in the header or running just ONE of the scripts serverside that they require?

Then why say it’s not possible? It totally is…

You can use an HTML element and the intercom script to pass all the dynamics you need.

What is wrong here then?

The bottom script should be in your page header. Are you on a paid bubble plan? The reason I ask is because you can’t load external scripts on a the free plan.

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My apologies for the negative post, feel free to delete it. I got frustrated as I’ve been trying to get it work for days…
I’ll abandon the intercom integration for now.

Doesn’t seem too difficult, if your on a paid plan with bubble, I can help you implement it.

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The script should go in the Header (right click on the bubble page, and you will see a header box at the end)

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To expand on @deadpoetnsp

If you are going to have on a single page this works.

If you have the html element on multiple pages I’d recommend putting in your SEO/header settings in your settings tab.

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I use Intercom and it works great. Don’t know what the problem is.

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