The Uber effect?

Before Uber you had to call cab and wait 30mins, or worse flag one on the street. It would cost 3x an Uber today.

The car would be old, the driver wouldn’t be traced and the route made up.

Skip forwards, and Uber has made getting from A to B sooo easy, people are now frustrated with a wait of more than 5mins or having to pay 1.4x (surge)

The point is, I’m seeing lots of negative posts about Bubble recently, I think unduly- I’m wondering whether a similar effect is happening.

We’ve got it sooo good (most users wouldn’t have been able to make the current version of their application without an engineer) that users have started getting irrationally frustrated about its limitations.

Bubble is such a great product, excellent customer support, 100% funded by customers and have a clear and awesome product roadmap. A roadmap that has features to help the millions not just the techy few and are consistent in releasing updates towards it.

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aye aye

Great analogy!