The Ultimate Bubble Marketing Setup: 7 Advanced Plugins to Catapult Traffic and

Here’s a video on his favorite marketing wordpress plugins:

These are plugins that are on Wordpress and should be on Bubble if they are not already:

-Calculated fields form: allows one to easily create tools on a website (e.g. financial calculators, etc).
-Title experiments: allows you to test click through rates of various title variations of your posts.
-Gravity Forms: Allows one to build multiple step forms, polls, quizzes, and surveys.
-Mail SMTP: Ensures emails get to inboxes, not mail folders.
-yoast: email markup, title tags, meta tags, create site map,
-Broken link checker:
-Raffle plugin: allows one to host giveaways on site.

Which plugins already exist on Bubble, and which of these plugins still need to be built?

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The keyword meta tag is no longer used by Google, Bing or Yahoo!