The Upstarters are hiring!

Hello Bubblers!

We have opened up 1 new spot for an experienced Bubble developer as a permanent team member at The Upstarters, between 20-40 hours per week (if you want less than 20 hours, scroll to the bottom of this post). We need you to be very fast at working in Bubble, be able to handle API work, and organise yourself effectively in order to hit deadlines.

If you love building in Bubble (we do!) and want to be paid consistently every month, be part of a supportive team and a fast-growing company, then this job is for you. Pay will be based on your skill level, calculated by how many projects you can handle per month, and can be discussed in the interviews.

This role is not a freelance-style occasional work role; this is for someone who wants to fully commit to our team and company, have consistent on-going work, and who is ambitious to grow with our company. This is a big opportunity for someone who fits the criteria, and we want to invest a lot into you so that over time your responsibilities can grow.

A 2 week on-boarding period will begin from May 14th where you’ll get up to speed with all of our processes and systems, and from June 1st you’ll begin the role officially. Our probationary period is 3 months (until the end of August), so we can make sure we are supporting you enough and you’re progressing in the role.

If you’re interested, please send an email to and include the following details:

  1. Basic info:
  • Full name
  • Location & Timezone
  • Age
  • Years building on Bubble
  • Languages (spoken not code!) you are fluent in
  1. Introduction about yourself & why you’re interested in the role?
  2. Links to some of your past work
  3. In your own words, how good are you at building apps in Bubble?
  4. Your expectations for monthly pay and number of hours

We will then reply to you about next steps and interview arrangements (by video call).

We look forward to meeting you!

Team Upstarters

P.S - for people who want less than 20 hours / freelance-style work

We sometimes hand over projects to trusted developers when projects reach a certain size or we feel the customer would benefit. If you’d like to be on our trusted developer list, please email us answering the same questions above, but mention you are not applying for the main role. Cheers!


Hello @yo11,

Sent you mail with all details.

Amit Desai

Great thanks very much. We will respond in the next few days.