There was an issue with the domain. Please check your domain name


I’ve been trying to set the custom domain in .co zone. But Bubble warned me that the domain I’ve entered is wrong (see screenshot).
What am I doing wrong? :slight_smile: Thank you!

I’m having the same problem. Would be interesting to see their response.

Hey @ngray and @freakyblast,

I’d suggest reaching out to @eve and the Bubble Success Team at

Ok, thanks for your help. Did she resolve the issue for you?

I didn’t have this issue as I had a .com domain, but the Bubble Success Team is very helpful.

I’m also having this same issue – and I’m not finding much previous record for this issue in the forums, so seems like a relatively new issue people are having…

Hey y’all,

I remember @brent1 posting about this not too long ago. He had a solution: Subdomain Setup Error - #5 by brent1

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