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These frequent issues with the main cluster might be a deal breaker :(



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Thanks for flagging, folks, our team is on this! If you’re seeing issues, please file a bug report.


eve, thanks for this, but honestly it would be great if you could be more transparent on the cause of these issues and why they’re so frequent.

Also, if you could talk about the effort the team is putting into it and how likely this is going to be fixed for good in the future.


We definitely understand that this has been frustrating for you folks; it’s frustrating for us as well! Josh went over some details for these outages in his Monthly Community Update; we will continue to provide updates as they are available.

Hey Eve, can you shed some light on what the “downtime” metric means on the status page? Seems like some folks saw what the lay person might expect to be considered downtime but the status page shows no downtime for the day.


Issues saving and accessing app in dev mode - our frontend is also down

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On top of the frequent outages, this most recent outage somehow deleted all of my plugins from both development and live versions of the app I’m working on. Not cool guys. I’m not sure what to do at this moment because I’m worried to do anything right now and risk these changes becoming permanent. How should I proceed?


Can you please file a bug report? This may be unrelated to the downtime, just correlated in terms of timing; we definitely want to take a look!

I read this update last week and appreciated the honesty, but a mid-day Monday outage with no warning is not in line with my very lowest expectations for reliability.

I think I can confidently speak for most bubblers when I say new features are wonderful, but the outages aren’t something me or my clients can tolerate. As of now, every single one of my client apps is offline / inaccessible currently!

I was scheduled to present a new app to a big client this afternoon - I guess I will hope that Bubble’s main cluster is working by the time our meeting starts. I wish this was the first time this has happened, but I have already lost one client this year because Bubble was down for the entire length of a meeting during an important first stage demo and it scared them away from working with me when they realized I can’t do anything to fix these problems when the occur.

I see the bug report link - what am I supposed to report? There’s not an option for “it’s all down” …


Me too. Was supposed to launch my app today and was shocked to find out that all my plugins have been deleted. Unluckily I had not saved any on my works as this was my app’s first version. Really really worried at the moment:-(

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When will this be fixed?

One of my clients is actively pitching investors this week, and today. It would be devastating for them to have the app go down. Very worried.

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Quick update: thank you for the reports regarding the plugins! Pinged as an emergency to our team, investigating now.

I agree with the statements above. I have been on Bubble for 5+ years, and those issues have never been so frequent.

I believe it’s time for Bubble to provide self-hosted option for production versions, where the app can be hosted on servers of our choice, while we happily continue to pay for the editor hosted on Bubble’s own servers, similar to to what Webflow currently allows.


When will Bubble be back online and useable?

My editor is now semi-back, but Plugins are missing on every app I’ve checked so far, as others are reporting

Edit - I see @eve’s post above stating the urgency has been noted; thank you.


Yeah this is happening to me as well. I lost connection several times, and now my editor is sort of working, but I cannot add any new workflows or see the server logs. Please help!

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Or at least a Premium Server that has delayed updates. This is extremely painful for in production apps, actually gut wrenching

For those with Pitches & Sales calls - ALWAYS have video and/or screenshots as a backup. Not perfect, but it’s one thousand times better than saying ‘I have nothing to show you and I didn’t prepare a backup plan’
Sometimes it’s even better, because it keeps you focused on guiding the presentation to where you want it to go, instead of getting stuck into testing every single feature (where they inevitably say, ‘Oh I wish that was different’)