Things I wish I'd Known

I’ve developed software in languages such as Java but I’ve only been using Bubble for a few weeks. Here a list of the things I wish I’d known:

You cannot reuse an app name
Often when I’m starting an app especially using a new tool, I realized I’ve made a poor design choice, delete the app, and start over. When I did that in Bubble, my carefully chosen name became permanently unavailable to me or anyone else.

You can only use a template when you start a new app.
If you have created the app and find a template that would be useful, you can’t add it. You must add the template when you first create the app.

In the interface, width, height, X and Y must be absolute numbers
You can’t define a standard height, etc., and use it to define many elements. You can’t define X and Y in relative terms (this group starts when that group ends).

Pop-ups are fast, pages are slow
All pop-ups are loaded at startup so they are fast. Pages are loaded on demand so they are slow.

Select All doesn’t actually select everything
When you’re copying everything on a page, Select All does not select pop-ups. You have to select and copy them manually.

If a variable isn’t defined, Bubble replaces it with “null”
When you copy one page to another, if you don’t copy page components in the correct order, some variables will be undefined and replaced with “null”. If you delete and redo a datatype or element, all the references in elements and workflows will be replaced with “null”. I trashed my code a number of times before this sunk in.

If any of this is incorrect, correct it in a reply. If you have a thing you wish you’d known, add it in a reply.

  • If you a delete an installed plugin (Without knowing that its no more available in the plugin store) you cannot add it back as it gone for ever…
  • Alerts will always come under the popup, if background is blurred its not visible

Don’t use Sendgrid for mail delivery
I’ve had troubles with Sendgrid mail delivery, it was horrible and was a nightmare, so I switched to Postmark.

Database Structure is key
Bad database structure costed me tons of time going back and fixing issues and costed me extra $$$ because I needed more capacity to keep up the service at the same time.


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