This happening to anyone else when adding new elements?

This just started happening recently, but I’m not quite sure when. When I drag a text or button element from the Visual Elements sidebar into my app, the default is a fixed with of 4 and a min height of 4. Why oh why would I want my text or button to have a fixed width of 4 pixels?

Yup, I noticed that in my sandbox app over the past couple/few weeks, and I just haven’t bothered to write a bug ticket about it yet.

did that happen when drawing it out, or clicking a single point?

For me, it happens when you just click, so I work around it by drawing it out a bit and then resizing it.

I drag the element from the sidebar onto the page, which seems like it functions the same as clicking on a certain spot. Actually clicking wasn’t working for a bit a while ago so I started dragging, but clicking is much easier.

Never used to do this though. I preferred clicking to drawing out because it seemed the placement was more precise in crowded UIs, but oh well, there are certainly bigger fish to fry here.