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This is a community, not a forum

Hey guys. :wave:
I have just registered on this forum when trying to get answers to my questions and I got no answers.
Trying to understand the situation, I realized that this is actually a community, not a standard forum.

That’s why I think that a new person should first introduce himself and gain trust before he asks for help, so:

My name is Nik and I am from Russia

In the past, I built several products when I was a part of a software development company, but recently I realized that I can build products without developers using bubble.
This is why I am here.

I have projects that I need to deliver and I hope I will find some friends here.

Nice to meet you guys :wave:


Welcome Nik,

Sometimes posts just die on the forums. That can be for a variety of reasons. Whether it be time of day, post type, how it’s written or the amount of information provided.

We are definitely more of a community than a standard forum here. As you read through the forums a bit more you’ll start to notice some familiar faces that pop up regularly to help out. If you’re looking to get answers to questions, try posting mid morning or mid day, for the US.


Hello :slight_smile: Welcome. a lot of post i see mine get lost if i dont bump and need to be complete in my description and show i have tried to find solution before i ask and i seam to get better results, then help others when i can thought im also new.