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This is real noob

Hi i’m bubble noob. Before i asked about tutorial recommendations. Then I looked for some videos made in Korean language. But i really want to know if can i use the app or website i made bubble.
I heard it called wrapping(?). I want to know it is possible i can use some pages without bubble
finally. If it is possible i want to know how. Thanks for reading!

All wrapping means is delivering an app to a smartphone that can live on the user’s phone. The app is actually just a web browser but looks like an app. So, when the user uses the app, behind the scenes it’s just a web browser. That’s the simplified explanation.

Oh i got it. Thanks for your easy explanation. So i have to wrapping when i want to use this app un my phone, right? I want to know how to wrapping. I guess there are a lot of ways but i want to know typical way.