This is so frustrating (displaying correct data)

Hi Guys my goal is to have only test product bids display in this repeating group.

I tired a bunch of constraints but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

I don’t want test product 2 or 3 to display. Am i doing something wrong in the database maybe?

what is your search for the repeating group? maybe you can add a finished bid or something with yes/no. And filter on that.

In my database i have bids as one of the data types and it stores all the bids there. I thought i would be silly to have a data type for every product.

The search for the type of content is bids and the data source is bidss

I think my data source is definitely the problem I’m just having trouble narrowing down exactly what it needs to be, ill be playing around with it but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Hi there, @tmurphy0270… the question is what differentiates a record you want to show from a record you don’t want to show, and that’s what @gaimed was suggesting with adding a field you can use as a constraint.

So, in your example, what is the difference between the Test Product records and Test Product 2 and 3? Your screenshot doesn’t show any discernible difference other than their names, so it’s pretty difficult to provide suggestions without knowing more.

Bottom line, though… you need to figure out what differentiates those records so you can add a constraint to your repeating group’s search that only shows the records you want.


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Hi @mikeloc thanks for reaching out! I think i know what your asking. So product 1,2, and 3 are all under the data type all materials, see picture attached below. The bids are in all bids and ill attach what that looks like below as well. Are you saying that i should have another field for my bids data so i can use a constraint on my all bids page to only show the current pages bids?

But what is the citeria to show or not to show a bid/material? thats what missing…

@tmurphy0270, in your initial post, you are showing a page called All Current Bids, and you want Test Product to show up but not Test Product 2 or Test Product 3. What is it that defines Test Product as a current bid? There has to be something that differentiates it from Test Products 2 and 3, and as gaimed said, that’s what is missing here.

Also, I usually don’t go this route in my responses, but have you taken advantage of the learning materials that Bubble provides? The reason I ask is that you are struggling with something here that is fundamental to just about anything you are going to do in Bubble, so understanding this concept now is important, and getting it down through one-off questions in the forum probably isn’t going to be the best way to do it. Just food for thought, though.


Ill check it out @mikeloc , it wasn’t really my learning style tbh, i watched hours and hours of tutorials on the basics. I understand all that but maybe i missed an important concept. If you don’t mind what skill/fundamental do you think I’m lacking here?

@mikeloc @gaimed So i watched all the videos and did the lessons and I’m still lost. Basically my question is do i have to create a new data type for every products own bids? This would definitely be a lot of data types but would be the easy solution. Or i could have bids as their own data type which would be preferred unless you think otherwise.

Can data types have a field that is just one of the other data types?

Wait i might’ve found a fix ill keep you updated

@tmurphy0270, yes, data types can have a field that is one of the other data types, and no, you do not need to have a data type for every product’s own bids.

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If your repeating group shows the bids, and you want to show some bids but not the others, then when you set up the repeating group you need to populate the “Search for Bids” field with one or more constraints. It’s up to you how to limit the bids to only “current” ones. For example, you could put a yes/no field in the Bids datatype, and toggle that, and then use that as a constraint.