🔥 This is Top Blogs, a high-quality blog repository!

Hey everyone! I’m super glad to bring you my new free app (for now, in web and Android format, but it will be available for iOS soon too)!

It’s called Top Blogs, and I’ve been working on it for a couple weeks now. I’m not re-inventing the wheel, but just making the things easier for people looking for quality content on their phone, by curating some great blogs (top blogs!) out there, categorising them and displaying them in a mobile-friendly way, so that users can access great content (as I filter all the crappy blogs for you). You can add your favourite blogs to your wishlist :heart: for easy access when you came back, and you can even rate :star: the blogs you want. To perform these 2 extra features, you need to login with any of the main social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn). All the blogs open inside the app, so you should be able to have a nice experience.

You can access Top Blogs here:

For now, I have around 20 categories and above 200 hand-picked blogs, only in English, but I’m adding new great blogs every day and categories every week. About the business model, now I’m considering ads (already implemented, maybe a bit annoying?) and a couple extra affiliation-based and CPC models on top of it, but for all this, I need some big traffic first. I’m working on content, SEO, ASO and an outreach plan now. The idea is bringing traffic to the website (organically and paying) and, if possible, turning visitors into app downloads to have more engagement.

It would be super awesome if you guys could give me some feedback on the concept, the UX/UI and whatever you have in mind that could be a nice feature (or a potential business opportunity) for Top Blogs.

For all those who wonder, I’ve encapsulated the app into an Android app using Jasonelle (thanks for showing us how to use it, @JohnMark!).

Thanks for testing, guys! :smiley:


That’s awesome. I’m very glad it’s working. Waiting for iOS version :wink:

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