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"This page is a native app" - How does this help?

Is there any functional benefit to checking on “This page is a native app” in the app index page?
I want to create a mobile app which also has instant chat feature, and I feel like it would be easier done by having a separate page for messaging. But when I add another page, i get an “issue” saying that there should only be one page as my app is being made for mobile.

I do plan on converting this web application to a mobile app but is there any point in checking on “This page is a native app”?

Hello @arthik1996.alex

The best approach is to use the ‘responsive’ mode instead of native which is limited. In ‘responsive’ mode you can create a single unique page that will serve as a web page and as an application.

10 min. to build a free iOS / Android native app with Bubble :large_orange_diamond:

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yea I do use the “responsive” mode as well, but is there any added functional benefit to checking the “This page is a native app”? …or is it just for show?

This allows you to force the framing in app mode without being able to use the responsive Bubble in your application. It’s confusing because people think it’s a way to create an app on iOS or Android.

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Basically…it does nothing.