This seems so simple, so why am I pulling my hair out?

Hi team,

This seems like a simple request, but I am trying to return a manually created region from a user inputeted address. The way I want it to work is:

User inputs address (check)
Zip Code is extracted from said address and stored in data
Zip code is compared against a list of Zip Codes, and when there is a match, it returns that value’s tag. (this is the part where it all falls apart)

Explained with an example

User submits address of Empire State Building
Zip code (10001) is extracted
10001 code is compared to dataset, and returns “Manhattan”
Manhattan tag is linked to that data entry.

Thanks team!

It’s not clear what exactly is falling apart for you, but here is how I would do this…

Assuming you have Regions in your database, and Regions has a field for “Tag” (which contains Manhattan) as well as a list of zip codes.

The dataset you are trying to update with the tag could either have a field type of “Region” or it could have a text field type of “Tag”

So when the user searches for an address you’re going to do this: Make changes to a thing (user, or whatever your dataset is) Field to change: Tag = Do a search for Regions where Zip Code Contains Inputs Value (Input being either an input for the zip code or the extracted zip code). , First Item

If your Tag Field on the user is set to type “Region” Then your done. If it’s set to text then it would continue “First Items, Name”

If you set it to be a region, then when you pull the data it would be “This Items, Regions, Name”