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This should be easy.. right?

I’m trying to add an image to my Bubble database. My site has an image editor, which uses several images (that already exist in my Bubble database) on a canvas.

This finished canvas cannot be directly used to set a thing’s image, because it’s a custom HTML element. Fair enough!

So I then created an image element, set the element’s source to the finished canvas, which displays fine. But then, apparently I cannot use the image currently displayed in an image element to set a thing’s image… it doesn’t appear in the Insert Dynamic Data list.

So then I put the image element inside a group, set the group to contain image data, then set the finished canvas to the image element (now inside the group). Then, I choose Image Group’s Image under Insert Dynamic Data, but this doesn’t save anything to my database, just an empty field.

This should be easy, right? How do I save the contents of an image element to an image field in my DB?!