This should be simple...BUT....Bug report?

I’m building a simple create customer form.
My database has these fields which are the same as the input fields. They are all set to the correct types:

name (text)
phone (number, decimal (on form) because when i use US phone i can’t get it to post in database for some reason)
address (address)
email (email)
day of week (drop down-with text words Monday, tues, etc)
service type (drop down- with text words)

When I test the form and click the button to submit, and the page tries to load but can never finish. I eventually get an error asking me to submit a bug report.

Bubble is not telling me I have anything I need to fix.
Also I am pretty familiar with the basics of this type of form. I have created a few successfully.

The only difference in this form is the drop down menus…

I did start another app and remade the form from scratch to see if it was just that other app, but no, it does the same thing.

Also…I’m not 100% sure but it seems like it started happening after getting the google APIs

It’s more than likely the google API, if your address field is pinging google and the API isn’t setup correctly, it just doesn’t work and throws an error. When I added a new domain to my bubble app, I could no longer save files that had the address fields and it would throw the same error. After I added the new domain to the Google Maps API it worked correctly.

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are you getting results back in the address field from google? You can also check the developers console in the chrome browser to see if you get any errors when you start typing in the address field

I’m not getting anything. If you mean address suggestions.

I did redo my APIs and the page still will not finish loading, but now i do get an actual error message.

Geocoding Service: This API project is not authorized to use this API. For more information on authentication and Google Maps JavaScript API services check

Before i was not getting this message, but after getting it i went to make sure the app project was correct URL. It is correct according to the document that bubble provides for setting up the APIs “*” appname was changed to reflect my app name

So now I’m lost on this issue…

Geocoding API Key should be unrestricted because the request is sent from bubbles backend servers. You can test this by removing any restrictions on the api KEY you are using…

Okay. The solution to this problem is; Make sure you have your project linked to a google billing account.
I feel like i wasted a whole day trying to find out a 30 second fix…lol I guess that’s how it goes sometimes.

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