"This Thing" always return null in Do a search for... :filtered -> Advanced


I have a list of Listing returned with Do a Search for; I want to apply advance filter by “:filtered” and choosing “Advanced”. There I have option to pick “This Listing” (as I am working on a List of Listings). But whenever i pick This Listing it is returned as null in debugger.

Am I doing something wrong, am I missing something? It looks like a bug.

Hi there, @dabrowka.jerzy… I’m not sure why your advanced filter isn’t working, but I’m curious why you are using an advanced filter in this case. Can’t you just add a constraint to the search where Listing Status = active? If you try that and it doesn’t work, you might want to check your privacy rules and make sure you have data that meets the filter/constraint.


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I’d second @mikeloc here… there’s no need to be using an advanced filter for this at all…

But, as for why it’s not working, from the very limited information you’ve shard, I don’t think the problem is with the advanced filter, but with the initial search… (i.e. the search is returning nothing)… so either you don’t have anything in the database matching the search constraints, or you have privacy rules stopping them being returned…

In any case, I’d ditch the advanced filter (unless there’s some other specific reason you’re using one), and take a look at your data and privacy rules…

If things still aren’t working as expected, feel free to share a bit more info…

Hi Guys, thanks for prompt reply.
Initial search do return values, the debugger area is small and i didn’t managed to fit in on the screenshot, sorry. But it is not the issue.

Regarding issue why bother with advanced filters, I try to achieve something more complex than filtering by status ofc.

List of Listing is in fact list of, let’s say, hotels. In each Listing (hotel) there are rooms. One user may book one or many rooms.
So, I want to be able to display on RG List of Listings (hotels) minus all booked rooms, and filtered by search query (when user is searching for 3 rooms).
To illustrate: when hotel has 10 rooms, which in given data range 6 are booked i want to be able to show this hotel in RG if search constrain provided by user is not >= 4

Same problem here. Any update?

I have same problem, been thinking I am crazy been using this feature in another app. But after a while wanted to overhaul the UI and now this feature not working is a app breaker.

Guys, i reached Bubble support back in December in this regard - that was response: " Thank you so much for your continued patience while I consulted with the engineering team on this behavior. Currently, it is a known limitation of the debugger to show the values (null) when drilling down into the Advanced (empty) filter within the debugger."

It is worth noting, that the app logic itself should work just fine - it is the debugger that is not working.

Also, i was advised to add it to Ideaboard but i didn’t. Feel free to add it if you wish.

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Thats great to know, going to need to test with simple data then. Thanks! I was in panic.

Doesnt seem to be working…

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