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This topic can be useful if you are interested in SEO

Hello Bubblers

I found a useful tool when doing SEO research for my own blog, I wanted to share it with you.

You’ll also find links to “BERT AI,” which Google claims to understand better than search terms.

First Ink

Super handy desktop program. Using INK artificial intelligence, it helps in many ways, from the quality of your articles to the spelling of keywords. For a search engine, it gives a percentage of the quality of your article and makes suggestions for improvement.

If you want to enrich your article with visualizations, they will check the “ALT” tag and even the “Caption” for suggestions.

It is possible to import and edit many file types, and then export them in different formats.

They have created their own file extension .ink, hopefully, one day Bubble will support this format somehow or plugin manufacturers will make a plugin for it.

Since Bubble does not support this, I export it as a MarkDown file and use it with this plugin. The disadvantage is that it creates problems with high-quality images. I think the source of the problem is placing the text form of the image in the Bubble instead of the image.

Aside from the inability to load the page, you cannot even access application data in the Bubble editor. So I have to rearrange the articles I want to add pictures to.

INK For All is free, you can get it here.

As for BERT AI, I received an informational email from INK. Although BERT AI currently works in the English language, but will soon be available in different languages. Information about this can be found here and here.

I hope this helps you



This tool looks really useful. Thanks for sharing it! :+1:

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Thanks for sharing, that’s some valuable information.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. It’s highly important if you work in this industry to get to know more tools which will ease the job. I’m not a professional SEO specialists but I’ve never heard about this tool. At this moment this tool doesn’t inspire trust for me probably because I haven’t figured out till the end how it works. Also I look quite skeptical on it because most of the similar programs which I used before were a complete disappointment and uselessness. I will ask some of my colleagues to shed some light upon it.

We would appreciate if you share the information you received with us. Many of the SEO tools are really inefficient.

I have been using INK for a while. It is a fact that it increases the quality of the articles with simple warnings. A good tool for things you have overlooked or forgot to add.

I have tried . It’s really good free tool. What I like about is that you can give a link to writers, they paste their text, and immediately see if they performed all tasks (words, wordcount, etc.)