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Looking at most of your designs and web applications, it’s hard to differentiate one from the other with all of them being very similar. The issue I see with the current development is the fact that these applications are bland, sure you put alot of work and effort into them, but your missing something. When you create an application you want to keep in mind the user’s experience and, figure out how to enhance their usage of the application. With OCRP we are currently performing a huge overhaul of our CAD/MDT for LEO/DISPATCH/CIVILIANS all receiving all new variants, we just pushed the LEO MDT and are working on the dispatch cad right now, which Ill rename terminal.

Here’s a quick picture of the predevelopment version, it might look a little funky but it gives you a general idea of what we are doing. I can’t say too much on this as it’s not yet publically released but what I will divulge is that it’s being built with the idea that an actual police department could utilize this. Now I’m not saying go crazy with the data points and arrays, just make it presentable and realistic. This picture below is page one of three, where the other two will hold the event info and live map…

Theres going to be three different pages all with unique functionality, this looks a little funky atm just simply bc its in its pre-development stages. I’ll be done with it in a week or so, if I have time…

The LEO mobile data terminal that was we released yesterday is simply put beyond realistic, I’ll post an image here to help you guys with your development and get a general idea of what we’ve done. These images are slightly outdated I cant be bothered to take new ones, the only changes really are the addition of active officers to the home screen which I’ll link below and a few other aesthetic/quality of life items.,

(Dark mode w/ a display less than 600px in width)

(Active officers move w/ a display wider than 600px)

(One of our many reports, just to give you a feel of how they are structured)

The civilian side is the most ambitious variant yet, I honestly can’t say anything about it until its complete but its beyond impressive.

So the point of this post is to provide you guys with new ideas and help you to create a better web application, also something that’s a huge issue is the organization or workflows. Utilize the colors and workflow folders trust me it will make your life way easier and yes I understand it may take an extra 10 seconds to attach a workflow to a color and folder.

A few helpful tips;
Utilize custom states for elements, this will allow you to bypass some data sets, also consider adding prefixes to your data sets
ex: aName, aIdentifer, aPersona(s),
and leave yes or no statements to isValid (yes/no)/(true?false)

Never do a :count you’ll legit just murder your application unless you have a small data set or an upgraded server box. Took me about 2 hours to figure why my app’s performance went to the crapper and it was all due to the :count.

Hope this helps, and if you have any questions or ideas hmu on discord or here 404 - Jonathan W.#0012

Also please dont outright copy my stuff thanks! Too see more of our CAD/MDT watch a streamer :stuck_out_tongue: from ocrp or youtube videos…

Here’s a list of our content creators: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W-ETgd3iYTa4Bn1s3XABhruEn24zy2XeFe0SLjTNkHI/edit#gid=603263361


Legitametly love your designs there, and I have taken a few influences from your systems.

I am currently working on a new system actively, that is being made from scratch. May or may not copied the whole idea of having a look a like PDF viewer for officers to fill out reports in.

I as well hated seeing the exact same things over and over, which is why I have released a system that is completely different, and my current system is also brand new.

Love watching the officers the officers on OCRP, and watch a dispatcher as well.

Thanks for your suggestion about using :count. This was a major issue for me to learn as well. Caused a lot of lag and slowness.


@draked123 by all means take ideas, I just didn’t want someone to show up with an exact replica of the platform in its entirety. If you need help please don’t hesitate to ask, I’ve certainly asked my fair share of questions on here. Good luck

With the police mdt especially everyone always focused on the “status” portion and it felt like the data(persons/vehicle etc) was an afterthought. The idea is to reverse that as the data portion is way more important than updating your status, however, you still dont want to compromise the ability to update status.

Consider following in the same suit as the above design and have it either on the side or maybe float it to the bottom of the page(would be an interesting concept)… Just to show you our status center and how we were able to fit all the important information in it, we also utilize a special homepage with advanced call data… Here’s some screenshots;



That screenshot looks horrible unless you click it to expand, dunu why the forums do that to images.


I personally dislike the units setting own statuses, as I feel like that removes the need for a dispatcher. However, in my system I am making now the dispatcher and supervisors can set the server in and out of self dispatch mode.

The thought is that when a dispatcher is online, they have the ability to disable the officers self assigning to calls, setting own statuses, etc… However, when they are not active, units can create calls for themselves, update statuses, self assign to already made calls, create books, etc… so they can still utilize the system entirely without a dispatcher.


Hah, I’d get eaten alive if I did that, everyone would be up in arms. Also it really does lighten the load on the dispatcher allowing LEO to update status, especially on a busy night. Im curious to see how well that approach works, please let me know as its intriguing.

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Yea, I hear you there. The community I currently develop for has a current system where the units can’t set status’s at all… So this is a nice new update for them, haha.

I’m making it from scratch right now, so the bottom left stuff is just there for testing different toggles.


Thanks for the tips, we’ll use them in our current CAD development.

That is a wonderful CAD!

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I Would like to know how you made the status center come out from the right and bounce the way it does. I’m very new to cad/mdt making and would like to learn as much as possible to enhance the experience of the system usage for my community.

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It’s a simple animation on the element, so in workflow when you have show element just add an animation to that “show element” workflow.

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Hey there! Had a quick question about your citation. Do you use any PDF plugins to create that or was that just made within bubble and made to resemble a PDF? Thanks in advance!

Nope thats created with groups and fields, it was easier for me to set it up that way and it allows it to be fairly responsive. The groups are conjoined under a parent-group that will not ever scale below 500px in width.

It also can curate to a PDF with a simple workflow and the usage of a plugin.

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I’m actually working on a completely new redesign because Im bored. I’ll share this with you guys when its complete, its even more realistic than its predecessor. The civilian side alone is now simplistic while being feature rich and I mean feature rich. The dispatch side will stay the same as its probably the at its best form right now.

Obviously Ill do some tweaking…

I also plan to make my “Old” version public (excluding the dispatch side, so you’ll have to add your own) or I might even make the version Im working on Public as well. LMK what ya’ll think I should do!

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Keep it private, so people don’t copy you and sh*t.


You wouldn’t happen to have a picture of the Home Page would you? I’m looking for a new design to make a home page for my CAD/MDT System.

Sure I’d rather not show you my new version quite yet but Ill gladly show my previous iteration



Thank You very much, I’m looking into getting into more Graphical Designs and new Home Page Layouts to show others and have them vote on which one’s they like more. Would you be willing to give me a tour of the old one?

How’d you do the violation input and “Civil Infraction Charged” for that form? I’m sure my guys would love to be able to put more than three violations on their citations.

You still making this? Is it for sale yet?

This project has moved to a different style and more data heavy. It looks way nicer, I’ll show of my work in a bit once I get free time.
Also no this isn’t for sale, I’ll consider public releasing this in the future.