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Thumbnails to Full sized photos

So, I still have that rendering issue on iOS, but I’ve got a question and it should be a fairly simple fix. I have users able to instant message each other with pictures - and the pictures get stored in the database full size. Since photos are displayed in a repeating group, they are fairly small - so I’m trying to make them clickable to bring up the full size photo in the database. Unfortunately, this is proving quite the bear for a seemingly easy task. Anyone want to help me pop this bubble? I’m using Bubble’s internal query strings to try and make the pop up work even though they are being hosted on s3 - could that be the issue?

Edit: So I have the unique ID from the conversation - but going through the inspect browser, I see that the photos are stored to my database without an unique ID. Can I assign photos an ID when they’re already inside a data type?

@dylan.phillipslevine something like this?

Hope it helps.

Raymond, that worked perfectly. I was trying to display images as users… Don’t judge me, I’m simply an engineer who hasn’t engineered in a long time trying to get into app development. The learning curve is somewhat steep.

Pleasure. It’s a struggle in the beginning because it’s different but you will get there!

Any ideas of what’s causing the rendering issue on iOS? I have dynamic data for texts and photos and it generates when the first search starts but as I scroll, the data disappears.I changed the image to a shape and then displayed it as a background and the images show. But I can’t think of a work around for the text. Most peculiar.

Unfortunately I can’t help. I haven’t done any Ios

@raymond Thank you for the sample you posted. I have a question though. In your sample, it saves the images in the db first. My problem is, I’m making a page (think product page with multiple images) and I’m adding photos but I’m not saving it yet in the DB. I need to finish the whole form (description, price, etc) before I can save it but I need to have the functionality you did already after adding each image. Would you know how I can do it?

Thank you very much.

@jogo88 My apologies for the late reply.
You can have a look at the above links.
I’ve added a group that you can view the image before saving it.

I hope this helps.

Raymond | appSimplicity

@raymond thank you so much for your reply. I have a question. The user can upload up to 5 images so I was thinking of putting it in a repeating group or have 5 hidden boxes where the pictures will show once a user adds a picture but I don’t know how to assign it when its not saved yet. Your example just overwrites the image but its still in the image uploader box.

Also, I checked your editor but I can’t figure out how you kept the image there. I don’t see any conditions or workflow in the pictureInputB.

Thank you so much!

@jogo88 The image uploader automatically keeps the image until the page is refreshed or it’s cleared by a workflow.
You should be able to do it with a repeating group.