Thumbs up if eligible, Thumbs down if not eligible

Hi Team,

I am creating a job board and would like to be able to display if the candidate meets the minimum requirements needed to apply.

To visualise this for the user, it could be in the form of, thumbs up or thumbs down icon being present within the Job Advert.

Example Logic: If the current user meets the job postings minimum requirements then show thumbs up.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

@dan1 Do you have any ideas for this one mate?

If I understand this correctly, you’re displaying a list of jobs in e.g. a repeating group. Then depending on the user viewing that group, some jobs will have a thumbs up icon or a thumbs down icon, right?

The real challenge here I assume is evaluating on which basis some fits the minimal requirements.

Easiest would be years of experience.

In that case:
Create the repreating group ad a humbs up icons and set condition: when current user’s years of experience is < than current cells job postings experience -> change icon picture to tumbs down.

Does that answer your questions?

@berlin_based Thanks for your response, I was beginning the think this question was going to go unanswered.

Your answer is helpful and will give me a direction to explore the problem but as I am sure you can imagine for this to be effective it needs to go deeper.

Minimum requirements in the most simplest form would be:

Degree, 2:1 grade and above
Driving License

Please could you provide screenshots of how to set up a condition?

Many thanks for your help.

Here: you can find a lesson and a video talking about conditions. They should help you get started!

In a job board, there a number of stages (ie. did this person pass or fail initial screen, phone interview, etc).

In my system, I would have defined “Stages,” where each candidate exists within a current stage. So, for that list, I Do a search for All Candidates that match the current stage.

On top of this, I would have a thing called “Stage Rating,” which saves on the Candidate Record. This would include a reference to the Stage, the User who submitted the rating, and their up or down status.

Within this list, I would have a group with a Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down icon. The data source of this group would look at the Candidate’s Stage Ratings and filter appropriately.

If a data object exists, it would display in the group and the buttons would have conditional logic to reflect the rating. If it doesn’t, I would have a separate workflow that creates a new “Stage Rating” and displays in the group.

Similar to @berlin_based’s suggestion, On top of this, you can apply conditional logic that disables the Thumbs Up / Down group unless certain criteria are met from the Candidate Record.