Tiered vs Volume Pricing

Good Afternoon,

We are creating an equipment rental marketplace. Our pricing model is a tiered system that progressively increases per item discount over the term of the rental. It is a three tiered system in which each of the three discounts can be triggered by meeting/exceeding preconfigured conditions (Example: Discount of 10% after three days, increased discount to 20% after seven days, increase discount to 25% after 10 days). Product price, discount conditions, and discounts are all vendor user determined variables. Rental term is a renter determined variable.

This is a Tiered System not a Volume System. The difference is that the tiered system will apply the additional discount only to the days after the condition parameter progressively, whereas a volume discount structure would apply the highest triggered discount level to the entire term.

Volume Pricing: Define a price for ALL units within a range.
Tiered Pricing: Defines a price PER unit within a range. *This is what our business model requires.

I have been able to create the functions in Bubble as a Volume pricing model but cannot figure out how to adapt to the more complicated Tiered model.

Here is what I have… Each inventory item has data fields for tier conditions (MultiDayT1Condition) and separate data fields for their corresponding discounts (MultiDayT1Discount). We are currently calculating the total rental charge for the item using mathjs Local in the repeating group and then applying conditions to achieve the volume pricing discount. See example image below. I cannot seem to figure out how to adapt this to a tiered solution.

Thought I would reach out the awesome brains on the forum to see if anyone has built a similar feature or any suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help!!!

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