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TikTok Login Help

Hello All!

Im trying to setup Tiktok API login kit and i cant figure out how to get a correct response. I currently have a button linked with opening an external website and i get this error. I dont know what im doing wrong. If anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it!

try using calculate formula for the state and take out the trailing / before the ?

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I figured it out it was an issue my redirect url

I switched it to this and it worked.

When i get my code from the url as a parameter how can i send the that data into the access token call? It keeps telling me unauthorized when i copy the code and paste it into the api call. When i send the user to the link with the code as a parameter i get a tiktok url with json information in it that i dont know how to implement with bubble.

don’t try to get the access token by sending user to external site, you need to do it via the api call. replace the Open an external website with the TikTok Access Token action.

Also, if you’re state isn’t going to change, that’s a huge security risk.

I added the random number calc and fixed the issue by manually entering in the json response and then using those responses to get the data to a thing