Time and date availability on calendar

Hi there,

Im tying to build a calendar where users can pick the time and date for an appointment with a bike repairer.

The issue im facing is that I dont know how to display only the times and the days the repairer is avaible

I tried using the Air Date/Time picker but I really dont like the UI on the time picker.

So I decided to build a calendar following this great post : [HOW-TO] Create a custom Calendar using repeating group

That went ok but now the struggle begins.

Another great post that help me was @boston85719 's one Time Picker without Date which I pretty much copy some part of the database, which looks like this currently

Bike repairer

  • ID
  • Name
  • Some other informations …

Days of the week (7 entry)

  • Number (Number of the day)
  • Text (Name of the day)


  • ID
  • Hour integer
  • Hour text
  • Minutes int
  • Minutes text
  • Interval (Time in between two time slots)

Int for calculations / text for display

Availabilties (The datatype that suppose to link everything together)

  • ID
  • Day of the week (Type = Days of the week)
  • Bike repairer ID (Type = Bike repairer)
  • Start time slot (Type = Time slots)
  • End time slot (Type = Time slots)

What I need help for is linking everything together in order to :

  • Make clickable only the Days of the week where the bike repairer is available
  • Display in a Popup only the Timeslots where the bike repairer is available

I read a lot’s of post on the forum but im still confused about how to link those datatypes together


Hi Pierre

You may want to check out my template

Everything is all set up to allow the functionality you are looking for and will save you weeks of development time.



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Hi @boston85719

First I’d like to try it a bit more by myself since I need to improve my Bubble’s skills :wink:

Checkout this plugin and the Editor page to get some ideas and ask if you have any specific questions

This should be easy.

  1. Create a hidden pop up on the page.
  2. Add a RG Availabilities on this pop up. Make data source: all availabilities.
  3. When a user opens pop up to see what time slots and days are available display data that = hidden RG Availabilities
  4. When somebody chooses time slot, set a workflow to remove it from the hidden RG Availabilities.
  5. What all time slots are removed, trigger a workflow to remove the day from the same hidden group.

Hope it helps

This requires a need for the database to store all those availabilities…which for a particular week, depending on the time duration of events could be 24 x 7 = 168…also doesn’t take into consideration that storing date sensitive data based on a day of the week (0-6) doesn’t really work when considering the effects of timezones, because my Monday might be your Sunday…also doesn’t account for daylight savings, which is not used everywhere.

Availabilities can be simple if intended to be used in one timezone, but considering multiple timezones, plus providing for various options such as duration, buffer between events, booking intervals etc…things can get complicated.

I agree that I’ll overpopulate db. But I presumed, the idea was to find a slolution for the existing db structure. And as soon as availabilities are already stored in the bd, why not use rg.
Plugins are always easier and more efficient to use - I wouldn’t deny that :slight_smile:

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