Time availability list not populating with Calendar Tool Plugin

I have been trying for the last couple of days to get a list of available times to populate. I’m just trying to get the full range at the moment and haven’t even worked in how I will include dynamic service lengths.

Can anyone advise what I’m doing wrong here? I was initially using list of numbers but moved to using the calendar tool plugin. I still can’t get the list to show up. I tried using the start of a range and then created fields to just include the start and end times. I was trying to format similar to another post but based on what made sense for my app.

When I put in current date/time all hours show up but my filter still won’t work to just include those in range. Sometimes it only shows 4 time slots.

I can’t figure out what the issue is and don’t see any errors notifications specific to this page.

I can’t help much specifically with that Plugin, but overall building availability and scheduling in Bubble can get frustrating and very time consuming. It is possible if it doesn’t need to be perfect across all time zones, but if it needs to work across all time zones I highly recommend mixing in some custom javascript or a plugin.

On Twitter I saw someone post details of how they have done time availability if you’re looking for a free solution (haven’t tried it myself so I can’t vouch for it but maybe worth a shot): https://twitter.com/thatdudedenis/status/1365363308996476934

If you want to save a lot of time and headaches and just get it working you can checkout my recent plugin which solves this. Head to this link and scroll down to demo some of it’s functionality: top-calendar.bubbleapps.io

Also for more info on the plugin here is the forum post about it: New Plugin: TopCal - Dates, Ranges and Time Slots