Time Based filter for viewing

What Am I doing wrong here?

So in the pictures you can see my logic. What I want is for my “Today’s Lessons” to only show today’s upcoming lessons. So what I though was to take the lesson time, and make it filter for that. But it’s not working. Any help is greatly appriciated.

Hi there, @dennis.morais.gregan… if I understand your post correctly, you need two constraints for the start date/time. The constraint you already have is fine, although you might want to change it to greater than or equal to. The second constraint would be Start < Current date/time:rounded down to date +(days): 1.

Hope this helps.


That worked. Thank you so much. What about going back now though? Basically, it’s filtering the lesson’s from tomorrow out, but now I also want it to not show lessons that have ended.

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