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Time-based (user) access rules?


I’d like to set up a system where some users can create resources and invite other users to access them. Well, that’s the easy part.
But added to that, I’d like to make it possible to define access rules (to define dates etc) for certain users, some general rules, users can be subscribed to (in addition to their personal ones) and some resource-based rules. These would be calendar-based, with a time accuracy of 1 minute…
Now what would be the best way to accomplish this?


Having pondered that for a bit.
The wisest solution seems to be to create a thing called rule and try to define some basic parameters for the rules there. And then interface it with the calendar interface… Hmm.
Any good points? @emmanuel?

@Arche It depends on how technical you are. When the bubble API is launched (soon), you could simply run a daily / hourly operation that adjusts the roles based on data stored from an external script. (Even via blockspring custom code)

It would be alot easier if you would share more regarding your application and user stories so we can have a deeper insight.

Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the API - it’s kind of vital for my purposes.
We’re developing an access control and security system, so I need to set access rules for the users and places/zones. But it needs to be as flexible as possible - with allow and deny rules, exceptions and possibilities to create a generic rule (for access granted on work hours on regular workdays) and specific one (e.g. "open all doors along the passage to that certain room on next thursday between 7pm and 11pm --> doors will be unlocked) and some exceptions (instead of “open” for the last rule, use “allow access to” for everybody except those 2 party-poopers…)
And now I’m trying to figure out the best way to make all this possible… :slight_smile: