Time calculations with Backend Triggers - results are one day out?

I’m working on a todo app with tasks and due dates. I’ve been using Rounded down with my dates to achieve nice clean dates, each starting at 12:00am.

However, I’m using a Database Trigger to perform actions on other data types when my Tasks are changed. The dates all appear to be exactly 1 day behind when a trigger has copied them from my task (the correct date) to another area of my database. I think it might be because I’m GMT+1 and if the trigger interprets the date ending in 12:00am as UTC it will be one hour out and therefore the previous day.

Anyone else found this or can confirm that when dates are manipulated with triggers the Triggers act within UCT?

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Use date round to day…
And i usually use add days +1

I’m trying to visualise this in my head. Can you confirm if this works across different timezones?

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