Time consuming actions

Does it really have to take 10 seconds for a workflow to complete, what am i doing wrong?

My workflow consists of simple data ,show/hide, and reset actions.

How long should a workflow with an average 10-actions-workflow take to run?

Does the sequence of the actions matter for run speed?

I’m experiencing the same problem and discovered that any Search take longer time. I’m trying to pin point the problem to send to Bubble team.

Do you mean when using a “do a search for” expression in an action?

Because mine does include some

Yes. In my case, I use an API that I call with Postman. The initial search was taking 500ms, and now with the new Bubble update, take 4 to 6 seconds. If I remove the search, it come back to 300-500ms. Anyone having the same issue?

Seems like i have the same issue - a simple calculation with Math.JS involving ~10 searches is very unstable - sometimes taking 10 seconds while taking almost no time to complete. At times it gets stuck and fails to complete the calculation.

So far i wasn’t able to isolate the source issue, but it even made my app exceed its resource allocation which is very weird for a list of just 10 consecutive calculations containing like 5 operations each.

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