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Time for a Companion Mobile APP

Hello again everyone,

My MVP product is a process management dashboard designed primarily for use as a desktop application. My customers are asking for a companion MOBILE app that supports, messaging, and permissioned data sharing between their field-level employees, customers, venders etc etc.

I have several different use cases to accommodate, so attempting to shrink the desktop version to fit a phone just doesn’t make sense for anyone.


  1. What’s the best way to go about building a separate app that connects to the other? Tutorials? Best practices?
  2. Can I, copy just the data structure from one app to the other?
  3. Do I build this as a sub app or something completely separate?
  4. What question(s) should I be asking?

I’ve learned a ton since I started using bubble. Much of that due to the participation found on this forum. This is a new adventure and I greatly appreciate your input.

You can recreate that page on another page that is built as a mobile first design - and then you can on the element inspector for the initial page, choose the mobile designed page in the ‘mobile version’.

This way whenever someone navigates to the first page on a mobile device, it will redirect to the page you built specifically for mobile :slight_smile:


Or build it out in Thunkable/appgyver and use bubble as the backend!

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Thanks equibodyapp, I think I follow. But it sounds heavy on the mobile devise/user? Wouldn’t they be dragging around the entire ( desktop application ), but only being directed to a page or two designed for them to use on their mobile devise?

Thanks jared.gibb, I’ll take a look at Thunkable/appgyver.

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That is the best question I have seen on the forum…it seems like it is akin to ‘my one wish is for unlimited wishes’. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You can use the API Connector or the APP Connector.

I would, if you want a fully separate app and have a fully built desktop version and need the separate app to be for mobile only and was just a slimed down version and the recommendation for the mobile only page is not something you want to follow, I’d just copy the app and then slim it down for mobile.

Just copy the entire app and slim it down.

Separate app

How to ensure the Users are shared, so a user of desktop doesn’t need to create a new user account in the mobile version.

THANKS @boston85719, I really appreciate your effort. This narrows things down for me.

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