Time Slots and option sets

I have built an online booking app. Now I need help to create some adjustments. At this moment client A can create time slots and client B can select the slot created. Time slots are option sets and not attached to real time. The problem I want to solve is when Client B choose a time slot and the duration of that appointment goes over the next sections he had create will disappear from the repeating group. I am also happy to pay an expert to go through my app and make any adjustment needed. Let me know if you have the type of expertise to help

I believe there are some plugins that can create time slots, as well as some templates that already have this type of functionality built in.

Option sets though are likely not the way to go, because no matter what you’ll need to have the data in your database for which time slots are not available, which requires a data type and not an option set.

In my Calendly Clone template, I create the Time Slots using javascript functionality that is built into the List Shifter Plugin, by taking what is a series of date ranges (represents time range really), and alter those date ranges to reflect the selected date for the booking. Then I have to reference the database for the existing bookings to remove any time slots that are unavailable.

It is somewhat complicated, but I believe a plugin might exist for creating time slots that may make it less complicated. You may be better off going the route of a plugin than paying an expert to make the adjustments for you, as the amount of time it would take somebody else to restructure the entire feature would be more costly than a plugin.

Similar to the above, this can be done with very specific use cases but is not nearly as flexible as what a little custom javascript or plugin can do. So it depends on your exact app and use case.

Some ideas on how to structure things can be found in this app for free (videos and an open editor): TopCal Documentation App

*This app uses my TopCal plugin, but a lot of the logic and structure could be used with other plugins or custom code.

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To get slots of time try this plugin

It also has recurring dates and time. This can also be used for recurring events

Demo here: https://upstarters-showcase.bubbleapps.io/version-test/plugin-datetime-toolkit