Time spent on a reading task

Hello everyone,

I have created a survey-like application which I intend to use with my 4th grader students. On this application, there is a page with a story. I used a timer plug-in (or element, I am not sure) and set it to automatically start on page landing (the page with the story), and stop when a student clicks on “I’m done reading.” button. So, it will basically be a reading-speed evaluation.

I would like to see time spent on reading for every student that take this application. Then, I would like to download this data as an Excel file. However, I don’t know how to reach this data.

Could you please help me?

Assuming that the plugin you’re using for the clock feature exposes a total elapsed time state, you should store that against the student (or more likely, the reading session) records in your database when the student clicks on the done reading button.

You could then have a page with a repeating group showing the reading sessions and times then use a download csv action on the repeating group data. You may or may not need a plugin for this action.