Time Zone - Custom State

Hope I can explain this well enough.

I have a date field (Custom State) where I have a default date of “1/1/2001”. I can put a text field that reads that date input and it will say “1/1/2001 12:00 AM” which is expected. The time Isn’t important here, but when the user in a different time zone uses the program it adjusts that time for their local time. Is there a way to not do that?

The issue is I need the date to stay 1/1/2001, (I’m in pacific time). One of my users is in Alaska Time which is an hour behind so it changes the date to “12/31/2000 11:00 PM”. How do I stop this from happening so the date stays 1/1/2001?



:arbitrary time


Can’t use :arbitrary time on a custom state.

The only way I can think of too is :arbitrary time

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