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Timeout Function

It would be nice to have a setting so you can set a timeout for each page so that the app logs the user out or navigates to a specific page when there is inactivity.

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I agree. My interim solution, which doesn’t fully address the inactivity part, is to say a “Do every X seconds” workflow as part of the page, which logs the user out and/or redirects them to another page. (Say, if you set as 5 minutes and scroll position is 0).

If others have suggestions that better incorporate inactivity, happy to hear them.

Hey Dan,

Please see the thread here: Timeout After Inactivity

There is a good explanation on how they achieved a ‘timeout’ function, but it is still a lot of work for something that seems so simple.


I’d agree that it’s some work, but wouldn’t go as far that it’s ‘a lot of work’ :wink:

It really is just 4 steps using a couple of workflows to make something like this happen. And of course you can tweak it in such a way that you can have stuff happen before they get logged off, or presented with a warning.

I just hope it helps :slight_smile: