Timeout issues when trying to mass delete

So we are running into timeout issues when trying to wipe our database each night.

Background: we are updating a database with fresh data each night. This list contains about 30,000 rows. Because of the complexity of data, we have found it is easier just to scrub the database each night and update via our plugin. When we try and run a workflow to delete the entire database, it is taking way too long.

Any ideas on how to quickly delete the data?

Are you running a scheduled api to delete the records?

Yes we are. However, we are hitting the timeout issues because of the amount of time the system is taking to delete each record. We also do this 6 other times with different types of data. So essentially we trying to push SAAS levels of data each night to the system from customer systems.

A few things -
Have you tried more server capacity?

It might be faster to have a yes/no field called Deleted, and just make changes to a list updating that field to Yes. Then when searching data just add a constraint for Deleted = No.

And I’m assuming you’re using the delete a list of items action. You could try deleting one item at a time. I’m pretty confident it would take longer, but you shouldn’t run into any problems doing one at a time.

Maybe use Firebase to store your data and pull it in using an API. Then you can delete and upload your files on the Firebase side faster.