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Timer countdown in repeating group

Hi hello!

Currently, I’m facing a problem. When I place the countdown timer into the repeating group, it would countdown all the way to 0 seconds, but it does not disappear when it ended. If I were to place it outside of the repeating group, it work perfectly and it disappears when it reaches 0 seconds.

Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks

Hey @orawan.areenam :wave:

Thanks for the post and sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing with this!

How are you hiding the timer when it gets to zero? Through a conditional or through a workflow? Unfortunately this one might be difficult to give suggestions on without knowing a little more about what you’re doing. Feel free to reply here or email us with a demo link, or description of how you’re trying to hide the timer and we’d be happy to help give some suggestions.

As always, you can reach us directly at [email protected]

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